League table for Lads Doubles League

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Chris H/Terry GChris H/Terry G5325251111
David A/Rohan BDavid A/Rohan B2202613136
Ishti T/Laurent MIshti T/Laurent M220261796
Chris V/Mike JChris V/Mike J2111925-64
David M/Eddie KDavid M/Eddie K3032539-143
Alan I/Mark CAlan I/Mark C2022326-32

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
20 MayIshti T/Laurent M13-9Chris H/Terry G
20 MayIshti T/Laurent M13-8David M/Eddie K
20 MayDavid A/Rohan B13-4Chris H/Terry G
20 MayDavid A/Rohan B13-9David M/Eddie K
05 MayChris H/Terry G13-8David M/Eddie K
05 MayChris H/Terry G13-11Alan I/Mark C
05 MayChris H/Terry G13-6Chris V/Mike J
05 MayChris V/Mike J13-12Alan I/Mark C

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