League table for Triples League 2017

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Janice D/Lisa C/Pat CJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C75283612217
David A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan BDavid A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B75280631717
Di C/Gabby C/Mark CDi C/Gabby C/Mark C74383661715
Alan I/Julie H/Terry GAlan I/Julie H/Terry G74379651415
Ann W/David M/Jill CAnn W/David M/Jill C7437475-115
Eddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat KEddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K7436680-1415
Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick RBrian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R7166783-169
Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline LChris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L7165190-399
Janice Doherty
Lisa Compton
Pat Connolly

David Alfred
Eddy Monin
Isti Tandary
Rohan Bedford

Wooden Spoon
Chris Vincent
Di Vincent
Mike Jennings
Pauline Leeves

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
12 NovDavid A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B13-12Di C/Gabby C/Mark C
11 NovDi C/Gabby C/Mark C13-6Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C
11 NovDi C/Gabby C/Mark C13-9Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R
11 NovEddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K13-12Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C
11 NovEddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K13-8Di C/Gabby C/Mark C
11 NovBrian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R13-5Eddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K
11 NovAnn W/David M/Jill C13-11Di C/Gabby C/Mark C
29 OctJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-5Ann W/David M/Jill C
29 OctJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-8Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L
29 OctJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-10David A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B
29 OctEddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K13-9Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L
23 OctDavid A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B13-3Eddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K
23 OctDavid A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B13-10Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R
23 OctAlan I/Julie H/Terry G13-6Eddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K
20 OctJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-5Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R
20 OctEddie K/Gillian H/Larry D/Pat K13-12Ann W/David M/Jill C
08 OctChris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L13-12Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R
08 OctAlan I/Julie H/Terry G13-7Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R
24 SepDavid A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B13-7Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L
24 SepDavid A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B13-5Ann W/David M/Jill C
24 SepAlan I/Julie H/Terry G13-8Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L
24 SepAlan I/Julie H/Terry G13-5David A/Eddy M/Ishti T/Rohan B
24 SepAnn W/David M/Jill C13-8Alan I/Julie H/Terry G
24 SepAnn W/David M/Jill C13-6Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L
17 SepAnn W/David M/Jill C13-11Brian O/Charmian M/Chris H/Nick R
03 SepDi C/Gabby C/Mark C13-12Alan I/Julie H/Terry G
03 SepDi C/Gabby C/Mark C13-0Chris V/Di V/Mike J/Pauline L
03 SepJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-7Alan I/Julie H/Terry G

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