League table for Mixed Doubles League 2017

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
David A/Julie HDavid A/Julie H963104752921
Ann W/Chris HAnn W/Chris H96395811421
Lisa C/Rohan BLisa C/Rohan B86299683120
Alan I/Jill CAlan I/Jill C9549393019
David M/Di C/Jill GDavid M/Di C/Jill G85388642418
Pat C/Terry GPat C/Terry G945103841917
Gabby C/Mark CGabby C/Mark C9458093-1317
Chris V/Di VChris V/Di V93677102-2515
Eddie K/Pat KEddie K/Pat K93670103-3315
Mike J/Nick RMike J/Nick R7164389-469
David Alfred
Julie Hope

Ann Wordsworth
Chris Holden

Wooden Spoon
Mike Jennings
Nick Rowlands

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
12 AugDavid A/Julie H13-9Alan I/Jill C
12 AugDavid A/Julie H13-6Eddie K/Pat K
12 AugDavid A/Julie H13-5Gabby C/Mark C
12 AugAnn W/Chris H13-10Pat C/Terry G
10 AugAlan I/Jill C13-12Gabby C/Mark C
10 AugGabby C/Mark C13-6Eddie K/Pat K
06 AugLisa C/Rohan B13-6Alan I/Jill C
06 AugLisa C/Rohan B13-4Eddie K/Pat K
06 AugLisa C/Rohan B13-6Chris V/Di V
31 JulDavid A/Julie H13-7David M/Di C/Jill G
31 JulEddie K/Pat K13-10David M/Di C/Jill G
30 JulDavid M/Di C/Jill G13-3Gabby C/Mark C
30 JulDavid M/Di C/Jill G13-1Chris V/Di V
30 JulDavid M/Di C/Jill G13-12Lisa C/Rohan B
30 JulDavid M/Di C/Jill G13-0Ann W/Chris H
30 JulGabby C/Mark C13-8Chris V/Di V
30 JulPat C/Terry G13-6David M/Di C/Jill G
30 JulLisa C/Rohan B13-5Gabby C/Mark C
30 JulEddie K/Pat K13-7Pat C/Terry G
30 JulEddie K/Pat K13-8Mike J/Nick R
21 JulAnn W/Chris H13-10Chris V/Di V
20 JulAlan I/Jill C13-9Chris V/Di V
20 JulAlan I/Jill C13-4Eddie K/Pat K
20 JulAnn W/Chris H13-4Alan I/Jill C
20 JulAnn W/Chris H13-4Eddie K/Pat K
17 JulDavid A/Julie H13-5Mike J/Nick R
17 JulAnn W/Chris H13-5David A/Julie H
17 JulChris V/Di V13-7Eddie K/Pat K
15 JulDavid M/Di C/Jill G13-9Alan I/Jill C
15 JulAlan I/Jill C13-4Mike J/Nick R
15 JulAlan I/Jill C13-12Pat C/Terry G
15 JulGabby C/Mark C3-13Pat C/Terry G
15 JulGabby C/Mark C13-8Mike J/Nick R
15 JulChris V/Di V13-12Pat C/Terry G
15 JulChris V/Di V4-13David A/Julie H
15 JulChris V/Di V13-5Mike J/Nick R
12 JulAlan I/Jill C13-12Pat C/Terry G
12 JulGabby C/Mark C13-6Ann W/Chris H
12 JulGabby C/Mark C13-8Mike J/Nick R
12 JulPat C/Terry G12-13Chris V/Di V
12 JulPat C/Terry G13-3Gabby C/Mark C
03 JulPat C/Terry G13-10David A/Julie H
03 JulLisa C/Rohan B13-11David A/Julie H
03 JulLisa C/Rohan B13-10Pat C/Terry G
03 JulDavid A/Julie H13-4Chris V/Di V
26 JunDavid M/Di C/Jill G13-9Alan I/Jill C
25 JunMike J/Nick R13-11Ann W/Chris H
25 JunPat C/Terry G13-0Mike J/Nick R
25 JunAnn W/Chris H13-9Lisa C/Rohan B

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