League table for Triples League 2018

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Ann W/David M/Jill GAnn W/David M/Jill G4223946-78
Chris H/Jill C/Nick RChris H/Jill C/Nick R220266206
Chris V/Di V/Mike JChris V/Di V/Mike J220262066
Janice D/Lisa C/Pat CJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C2111524-94
Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat KCharmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K2022126-52
Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry TBrian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T2022126-52
Alan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark CAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C0000000
Laurent M/Rohan B/Terry GLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G0000000

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
18 SepAnn W/David M/Jill G13-10Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
15 SepChris V/Di V/Mike J13-9Ann W/David M/Jill G
15 SepChris V/Di V/Mike J13-11Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
15 SepAnn W/David M/Jill G13-10Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
12 SepChris H/Jill C/Nick R13-4Ann W/David M/Jill G
11 SepJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-11Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
11 SepChris H/Jill C/Nick R13-2Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C

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