League table for Triples League 2018

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Laurent M/Rohan B/Terry GLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G77091316021
Alan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark CAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C75284602417
Chris V/Di V/Mike JChris V/Di V/Mike J7527974517
Chris H/Jill C/Nick RChris H/Jill C/Nick R7437162915
Janice D/Lisa C/Pat CJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C7346875-713
Ann W/David M/Jill GAnn W/David M/Jill G7255685-2911
Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry TBrian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T7166285-239
Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat KCharmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K7165089-399
Laurent Mathieu
Rohan Bedford
Terry Gibbons

Alan Issler
Di Cherrie
Gaby Channing
Mark Cherrie

Wooden Spoon
Charmian Moggs
Eddie Kehoe
Frances Gilbert
Pat Kehoe

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
09 NovAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C13-6Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
09 NovBrian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T13-7Chris V/Di V/Mike J
09 NovChris H/Jill C/Nick R13-10Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
09 NovCharmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K13-11Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
04 NovLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-8Alan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C
03 NovJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-0Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
03 NovJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-12Ann W/David M/Jill G
03 NovLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-1Ann W/David M/Jill G
03 NovLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-1Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
28 OctAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C13-6Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C
28 OctChris V/Di V/Mike J13-11Alan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C
27 OctChris H/Jill C/Nick R13-7Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
06 OctLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-7Chris V/Di V/Mike J
29 SepAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C13-9Chris H/Jill C/Nick R
29 SepAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C13-4Ann W/David M/Jill G
29 SepAlan I/Di C/Gaby C/Mark C13-9Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
29 SepChris V/Di V/Mike J13-10Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C
29 SepChris V/Di V/Mike J13-7Chris H/Jill C/Nick R
29 SepLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-0Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
29 SepLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-11Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C
29 SepLaurent M/Rohan B/Terry G13-3Chris H/Jill C/Nick R
18 SepAnn W/David M/Jill G13-10Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
15 SepChris V/Di V/Mike J13-9Ann W/David M/Jill G
15 SepChris V/Di V/Mike J13-11Charmian M/Eddie K/Frances G/Pat K
15 SepAnn W/David M/Jill G13-10Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
12 SepChris H/Jill C/Nick R13-4Ann W/David M/Jill G
11 SepJanice D/Lisa C/Pat C13-11Brian O/Carmen M/Gillian H/Jerry T
11 SepChris H/Jill C/Nick R13-2Janice D/Lisa C/Pat C

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