League table for Mixed Doubles Club Tournament

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Alan I/Jill C44052262612
Julie H/Terry GJulie H/Terry G43149351410
David M/Jill GDavid M/Jill G4313930910
Chris H/Nick RChris H/Nick R4314337610
David A/Di VDavid A/Di V4223841-38
Janice D/Rohan BJanice D/Rohan B4223842-48
Ann W/Mike JAnn W/Mike J4133639-36
Carmen R/Chris VCarmen R/Chris V4133749-126
Ian M/Lisa CIan M/Lisa C4132739-126
Di C/Mark CDi C/Mark C4043152-214
Alan Issler
Jill Chrismas

Julie Hope
Terry Gibbons

Wooden Spoon
Di Cherrie
Mark Cherrie

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
07 MayCarmen R/Chris V13-10Julie H/Terry G
07 MayDavid M/Jill G13-3Janice D/Rohan B
07 MayDavid M/Jill G13-6Di C/Mark C
07 MayDavid M/Jill G13-8Carmen R/Chris V
07 MayDavid A/Di V13-11Di C/Mark C
07 MayDavid A/Di V13-4Ian M/Lisa C
07 MayIan M/Lisa C13-0David M/Jill G
07 MayChris H/Nick R13-9Ian M/Lisa C
07 MayChris H/Nick R13-8Carmen R/Chris V
07 MayChris H/Nick R13-7Ann W/Mike J
07 MayAlan I/Jill C13-7Ann W/Mike J
07 MayAlan I/Jill C13-10Di C/Mark C
07 MayAlan I/Jill C13-1Ian M/Lisa C
07 MayAlan I/Jill C13-8Carmen R/Chris V
07 MayJanice D/Rohan B13-4Chris H/Nick R
07 MayJanice D/Rohan B13-12David A/Di V
07 MayJulie H/Terry G13-9Janice D/Rohan B
07 MayJulie H/Terry G13-4Di C/Mark C
07 MayJulie H/Terry G13-9Ann W/Mike J
07 MayAnn W/Mike J13-0David A/Di V

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