League table for Winter Singles League Cup

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Terry GTerry G1091127893828
Ach LAch L1082126992726
David ADavid A1073119784124
Rohan BRohan B1073113872624
Chris VChris V1064106106022
David MDavid M1055110981220
Alan IAlan I1055107100720
Nick RNick R104685107-2218
Mark CMark C103798107-916
Gabby CGabby C101964122-5812
Di VDi V1001068130-6210
Terry Gibbons

Ach Larebi

Wooden Spoon
Di Vincent

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
02 AprDavid M13-2Gabby C
01 AprDavid A13-2Nick R
27 MarDavid A13-8David M
26 MarAlan I13-9Di V
26 MarAlan I13-8Gabby C
26 MarAlan I13-8Mark C
26 MarChris V13-10Di V
26 MarDavid A13-5Mark C
21 MarDavid A13-2Gabby C
20 MarNick R13-12Di V
20 MarRohan B13-5Chris V
20 MarRohan B13-4Di V
20 MarChris V13-7Gabby C
20 MarDavid A13-5Chris V
19 MarTerry G13-12David A
19 MarChris V13-12Mark C
19 MarAch L13-12David M
19 MarAch L13-8Di V
19 MarDavid M13-12Mark C
13 MarRohan B13-9Gabby C
13 MarRohan B13-9David M
13 MarGabby C13-5Di V
13 MarAch L13-9Gabby C
11 MarNick R13-3Rohan B
11 MarRohan B13-8Mark C
11 MarAlan I13-5Nick R
11 MarMark C13-11Ach L
11 MarMark C13-2Di V
11 MarTerry G13-7Di V
11 MarTerry G13-11David M
11 MarChris V13-10Terry G
11 MarChris V13-10Alan I
11 MarChris V13-5Nick R
11 MarAch L13-5Nick R
11 MarAch L13-8Alan I
11 MarDavid M13-5Nick R
10 MarNick R13-8Mark C
10 MarNick R13-6Gabby C
10 MarMark C13-3Gabby C
10 MarTerry G13-6Mark C
10 MarTerry G13-5Gabby C
08 MarTerry G13-11Nick R
07 MarRohan B13-5David A
07 MarDavid A13-6Di V
07 MarDavid M13-5Di V
07 MarDavid M13-9Chris V
06 MarRohan B13-8Alan I
06 MarAlan I13-5David M
06 MarTerry G13-8Rohan B
06 MarTerry G13-5Alan I
06 MarTerry G13-11Ach L
06 MarAch L13-11Rohan B
06 MarAch L13-11David A
06 MarAch L13-9Chris V
06 MarDavid A13-11Alan I

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