League table for Mixed Doubles League

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Janice D/Rohan BJanice D/Rohan B12102148846432
Gaby C/Mark CGaby C/Mark C12102147935432
Chris H/Nick RChris H/Nick R1284144945028
Jill C/Mike JJill C/Mike J12841401241628
Ann W/Laurent MAnn W/Laurent M12751231061726
David M/Jill GDavid M/Jill G1275128122626
Isti T/Pat CIsti T/Pat C116594103-923
David A/Julie HDavid A/Julie H1257122122022
Di V/Terry GDi V/Terry G1248102130-2820
Alan I/Di CAlan I/Di C1147106128-2219
Eddie K/Pat KEddie K/Pat K113885131-4617
Jerry T/Lisa CJerry T/Lisa C112983127-4415
Chris V/Gillian HChris V/Gillian H101968126-5812
Janice Doherty
Rohan Bedford

Gaby Channing
Mark Cherrie

Wooden Spoon
Chris Vincent
Gillian Holmes

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
26 AugJanice D/Rohan B13-5Chris V/Gillian H
26 AugJill C/Mike J13-10Chris V/Gillian H
25 AugJanice D/Rohan B13-8Di V/Terry G
25 AugJanice D/Rohan B13-5Eddie K/Pat K
25 AugDavid M/Jill G13-12Chris H/Nick R
25 AugIsti T/Pat C13-5Eddie K/Pat K
25 AugIsti T/Pat C13-6Jill C/Mike J
25 AugIsti T/Pat C13-6Janice D/Rohan B
25 AugIsti T/Pat C13-9David M/Jill G
24 AugEddie K/Pat K13-9Chris V/Gillian H
22 AugGaby C/Mark C13-6David M/Jill G
19 AugDavid M/Jill G13-3Di V/Terry G
14 AugChris H/Nick R13-10Ann W/Laurent M
14 AugIsti T/Pat C13-9Di V/Terry G
12 AugAnn W/Laurent M13-5David A/Julie H
12 AugAnn W/Laurent M13-0Isti T/Pat C
11 AugChris V/Gillian H13-9Chris H/Nick R
11 AugAnn W/Laurent M13-8Chris V/Gillian H
11 AugAnn W/Laurent M13-10Eddie K/Pat K
11 AugJill C/Mike J13-8Ann W/Laurent M
11 AugJill C/Mike J13-11Gaby C/Mark C
11 AugDavid M/Jill G13-11Jill C/Mike J
11 AugDavid M/Jill G13-9Eddie K/Pat K
11 AugDi V/Terry G13-3Chris V/Gillian H
07 AugGaby C/Mark C13-3Ann W/Laurent M
05 AugJanice D/Rohan B13-4Ann W/Laurent M
05 AugJanice D/Rohan B13-5David M/Jill G
05 AugAnn W/Laurent M13-2Jerry T/Lisa C
05 AugAlan I/Di C13-11David M/Jill G
05 AugAlan I/Di C13-10Jerry T/Lisa C
28 JulChris H/Nick R13-5David A/Julie H
28 JulJerry T/Lisa C13-3Di V/Terry G
28 JulJerry T/Lisa C13-7David A/Julie H
28 JulGaby C/Mark C13-12Alan I/Di C
28 JulJill C/Mike J13-9Chris H/Nick R
28 JulJill C/Mike J13-11Di V/Terry G
28 JulDavid A/Julie H13-8Jill C/Mike J
28 JulDi V/Terry G13-4Alan I/Di C
22 JulDavid M/Jill G13-4Chris V/Gillian H
22 JulDavid A/Julie H13-10Eddie K/Pat K
21 JulJanice D/Rohan B13-6Gaby C/Mark C
21 JulChris H/Nick R13-9Alan I/Di C
21 JulGaby C/Mark C13-4Eddie K/Pat K
21 JulGaby C/Mark C13-10Jerry T/Lisa C
21 JulGaby C/Mark C13-6Chris V/Gillian H
21 JulAlan I/Di C13-10Chris V/Gillian H
21 JulDavid M/Jill G13-7Jerry T/Lisa C
21 JulDavid A/Julie H13-8Alan I/Di C
17 JulChris H/Nick R13-1Di V/Terry G
17 JulGaby C/Mark C13-6Di V/Terry G
17 JulDi V/Terry G13-12David A/Julie H
15 JulChris H/Nick R13-1Eddie K/Pat K
15 JulChris H/Nick R13-0Isti T/Pat C
15 JulChris H/Nick R13-12Janice D/Rohan B
15 JulEddie K/Pat K13-9Jerry T/Lisa C
15 JulIsti T/Pat C13-3Jerry T/Lisa C
14 JulJanice D/Rohan B13-11Jill C/Mike J
14 JulJanice D/Rohan B13-2Jerry T/Lisa C
14 JulAnn W/Laurent M13-6David M/Jill G
14 JulAnn W/Laurent M13-10Alan I/Di C
14 JulAlan I/Di C13-6Isti T/Pat C
14 JulJill C/Mike J13-2Eddie K/Pat K
14 JulDavid M/Jill G13-11David A/Julie H
11 JulDi V/Terry G13-7Ann W/Laurent M
07 JulChris H/Nick R13-4Jerry T/Lisa C
07 JulEddie K/Pat K13-9Di V/Terry G
04 JulGaby C/Mark C13-5Isti T/Pat C
04 JulGaby C/Mark C13-5David A/Julie H
04 JulDavid A/Julie H13-5Isti T/Pat C
02 JulGaby C/Mark C13-10Chris H/Nick R
01 JulJill C/Mike J13-10Jerry T/Lisa C
01 JulDavid A/Julie H13-0Chris V/Gillian H
30 JunJanice D/Rohan B13-12David A/Julie H
30 JunJanice D/Rohan B13-0Alan I/Di C
30 JunJill C/Mike J13-11Alan I/Di C

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