League table for Lads Doubles League 2017

Player PlayedWonLostForAgainstDiffPoints
Ach L/Terry GAch L/Terry G5415445913
Alan I/Mark CAlan I/Mark C53261342711
David A/Larry DDavid A/Larry D4315142910
Chris H/Reg HChris H/Reg H3212933-47
David M/Rohan BDavid M/Rohan B5144464-207
Chris V/Mike JChris V/Mike J4043152-214
Ach Larebi
Terry Gibbons

Alan Issler
Mark Cherrie

Wooden Spoon
Chris Vincent
Mike Jennings

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Latest results

Date Team Score Score Team
27 MayChris H/Reg H13-8David M/Rohan B
27 MayChris H/Reg H13-12Alan I/Mark C
16 MayAch L/Terry G13-12David A/Larry D
14 MayAlan I/Mark C13-2David M/Rohan B
13 MayDavid A/Larry D13-9David M/Rohan B
13 MayDavid A/Larry D13-10Chris V/Mike J
13 MayDavid M/Rohan B13-12Chris V/Mike J
10 MayAch L/Terry G13-3Chris H/Reg H
10 MayAlan I/Mark C13-2Ach L/Terry G
07 MayAlan I/Mark C13-4Chris V/Mike J
07 MayDavid A/Larry D13-10Alan I/Mark C
30 AprAch L/Terry G13-5Chris V/Mike J
30 AprAch L/Terry G13-12David M/Rohan B

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