Diary of events

Diary of events 2017

Date Competition Organiser Location
14 January 2017Winter Singles League startsBHPCPST
18 February 2017EPA MC MeetingEPA
26 February 2017WSL Plate/Cup leagues startsBHPCPST
25 March 2017Comic Relief Red Boules DayBHPCPST
02 April 2017Winter Singles League EndsBHPCPST
13 April 2017EPA World Championship startsEPA
14 April 2017Good Friday startsSPEC
16 April 2017Easter One Day TournamentBHPCPST
17 April 2017Bank HolidaySPEC
22 April 2017Lads and Lasses League startsBHPCPST
30 April 2017Crowborough Qualifier R1SPX
01 May 2017Bank HolidaySPEC
06 May 2017Mixed Doubles Club TournamentBHPCPST
07 May 2017EPA Home NationsEPA
14 May 2017EPA QualifiersEPA
21 May 2017SXP Regional Qualifier R2SPX
27 May 2017EPA singles, doubles, mixed startsEPA
29 May 2017Bank HolidaySPEC
29 May 2017Lads and Lasses Leagues EndBHPCPST
04 June 2017EPA LondonaiseEPA
11 June 2017SXP Regional Qualifier R3SPX
17 June 2017Club Triples CompetitionBHPCPST
18 June 2017Mixed Doubles League startsBHPCPST
18 June 2017EPA Veterans TriplesEPA
25 June 2017SXP Doubles + ShootingSPX
02 July 2017EPA Mens/Womens QualifiersEPA
16 July 2017SXP Triples + ShootingSPX
23 July 2017EPA Mens/Womens QualifiersEPA
28 July 2017CEP EuroCup startsSPX
05 August 2017Brighton PRIDESPEC
06 August 2017SXP Over 50sSPX
06 August 2017Brighton PRIDESPEC
13 August 2017Mixed Doubles League EndsBHPCPST
19 August 2017BHPC Pointing and Shooting BBQBHPCPST
20 August 2017SXP Mixed DoublesSPX
28 August 2017Bank HolidaySPEC
02 September 2017Triples League startsBHPCPST
09 September 2017Club Singles TournamentBHPCPST
30 September 2017Club Doubles TournamentBHPCPST
12 November 2017Triples League EndsBHPCPST
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