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Red Nose Day 2017

26 March 2017 05:59

Written by: Chris Holden

No less than 24 players turned up for our Red Nose Day muck-about-melee. We played three rounds of a moving melee and drank beers and ate cake and biscuits. We also raised just shy of a hundred quid for charity and got Pauline to paint her nose with red lipstick - so a successful day in just about every possible way.

A fantastic turnout on one of the first real sunny days of the year saw two-thirds of the entire membership don something red and bust their moves for Comic Relief.

Just thinking about that for a minute; a few members were away, a couple were ill, one or two poor souls even had to work, but pretty much everyone who was available came down to the terrain to support a great cause. That's pretty amazing!

Now it may just be that the draw of a couple of games of top-drawer petanque was too much to resist, but it's equally as likely that the promise of some delicious home-made cakes and a few bevvies might just have swung it. But whatever the reason, it was great to see so many of our members playing boules and giving generously in aid of Red Nose Day.

With 24 players (some of whom arrived just a little too late to make it for the first round) we had to think on our feet but came up with a moving melee format consisting of teams of two and three players. Each player kept their own score and at the end of three rounds we totted them up to decide the overall winner.

Players included:

  • Alan Issler
  • Mark C
  • Carmen
  • Terry
  • Ann 
  • Frances
  • Alan Pinder
  • Reg
  • Carol
  • Chris Vincent
  • Di Vincent
  • Jill Gebbett
  • Chris Holden
  • Nick
  • Pauline
  • Pat Connolly
  • Gaby
  • David Miller
  • Pat Kehoe
  • Lisa
  • Di Cherrie
  • Rohan 
  • Julie
  • Trish 

The first round results (teams drawn at random) were

  • Terry + Gaby 13 - 12 Nick + Ann
  • Chris V + David M 13 - 7 Frances + Carol
  • Di V + Pat C 13 - 5 Pauline + Chris H
  • Reg + Jill G 13 - 2 Alan P + Carmen
  • Pat K + Lisa 13 - 12 Di C + Rohan

Second round results (a few players came and went)

  • Alan I + Nick + Carmen 9 - 13 Mark C + Terry + Julie
  • Ann W + Frances 13 - 8 Alan P + Chris H
  • Reg + Di C 2 - 13 Carol + David M + Jill G 
  • Chris V + Gaby 3 - 13 Pauline + Rohan
  • Pat C + Pat K 13 - 11 Di V + Lisa

The third round results looked like this:

  • Alan + Alan + Julie 13 - 10 Mark C + Jill G
  • Terry + Di C 13 - 8 Carmen + Rohan
  • Ann + Pat K 3 - 13 Frances + David M
  • Reg  + Gaby 13 - 1 Chris V + Pauline + Trish
  • Chris H + Carol + Pat C 4 - 13 Di V + Nick R

Which, when you tot up the points for and against for each player meant that our overall winner was David Miller - who glady took the first prize of a bottle of plonk. Jill Gebbett came second and generously donated her Bucks Fizz to third-placed Di Vincent.

As well as petanque we had a cake-sale and donation bucket on the seafront. Overall, as well as (or maybe because of, possibly despite) the boules, the club raised just shy of a hundred pounds for Comic Relief. Everyone said they had a great time (though one or two members were a couple of beers in by this point so would have said anything to be honest). And from the noise and laughter coming off the terrain all afternoon, it certainly seemed so!

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