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Winter Singles League

19 February 2017 19:00

Written by: Chris Holden

At the "split point" of our winter singles league, we've got our first eight players for the Singles Cup tournament. The best three runners up will be joining them to make a league of eleven. The rest of the rabble will be fighting it out in the Plate league.

At the half-way point of our Winter Singles League, the group standings looked something like this:

Group A

  • David A (4W +25)
  • David M (3W +5)
  • Ach (2W +6)
  • Jill C (1W -4)
  • Chris H (0W -32)

Group B

  • Rohan B (3W +17)
  • Alan I (3W +14)
  • Mark C (3W +13)
  • Ann W (1W -15)
  • Jill G (0W -29)

Group C

  • Gaby C (3W +15)
  • Chris V (3W +3)
  • Pat C (2W +5)
  • Di C (2W +0)
  • Julie H (0W -23)

Group D

  • Nick R (4W +32)
  • Terry G (4W +23)
  • Di V (4W +8)
  • Mike J (2W -6)
  • Carmen M (1W -21)
  • Charmain M (0W-36)

The top two players from each league automatically quaified for the "Cup" competition. The three best runners up (across all groups) also joined them. So Mark Cherrie, Di Vincent and Ach Larebi join the rest of the cool kids in the Cup. Everyone else (including those of us who didn't manage a single win) get to fight it out in the Plate.

The Singles League continues into early April so there's plenty time to get a few games in; and with a split into two leagues, there's plenty of opportunity for everyone to get an early mantlepiece adornment, no matter how well (or badly) they played in the first round!

Joining us in the Singles Plate League are Eddie K and Larry DeJ. Good luck everyone!

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