BHPC Moving Melee Doubles and BBQ

Under a burning sun, 16 club members turned out today for the Moving Mêlée Doubles – now a half-day event – followed by a sumptuous barbecue. In a MM, players play with different partners in each round, keeping their own individual score. All is random.

After three rounds, the honours went to David Alfred (3 wins, +35), Chris Holden (3 wins, +15) and Chris Vincent (2 wins). Well done to them and to everyone who participated.

Special thanks again to Janice and Pat for creating a lovely barbecue, the second of the season.

Little Elvis, Nick and Chris’s grandson, was a delightful presence and a model of good behaviour all afternoon.

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Petanque Again Features in Major National Newspaper

Just like the buses. You wait for one, then twenty years later two come at once. This article, from the Daily Telegraph, is actually about the sport and includes readers’ comments, one of which mentions our terrain. Yeah!


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Boules Headlines in Britain’s Most Popular and Respected National Newspaper

BHPC’s seasoned Pétanque Watch team brings to our world-wide readership this first-ever front-page headline featuring boules (even though the proper French translation should be couilles - but what do you expect?).


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BHPC Boys Fannyfest

With a total of three fannies between them, both BHPC teams in yesterday’s Adur PC’s Bastille Day Doubles event won their respective three-game leagues (eight in all) to go into the eight-team Main draw. David A and Ian fannied two teams, including Adur’s top formation, to head the seeding of the 26 or so teams present, while Gareth and Tony achieved one fanny to come third in the seeding. Another Sussex team (Crowborough), Adam and Herbie also won their league to come fifth seed.

Alas, both David and Ian and Adam and Herbie lost their Main quarter-finals, thus entering the Main Consolage (four teams). Whereas, our BHPC boys lost their semi-final, Adam and Herbie won theirs and the final to win the Main Consolage.

Gareth and Tony were our best-performing team, winning their Main quarter-final but then losing their semi to the very strong Jamiesons in a tight game. So, they were the third/fourth best team of the day. Good result.

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Bedford-Connolly-Maynard Win Club Triples

Five teams turned out for this annual event on Saturday 12 July, a lovely summer’s day. The format was a round robin, each team playing every other – four games.

Congratulations to the winners, RIP, Ian, Pat and Rohan who won all four games.

Club Triples Winners (L) Rohan Bedford, Pat Connolly, Ian Maynard

Club Triples Winners
(L) Rohan Bedford, Pat Connolly, Ian Maynard

Alfman, David A, Stephan and Tony won three games to come second. In third place were Taj, Alan I, Janice and Terry with two wins. Lad, Ann, David M and Lisa were fourth, and Veejays, Chris V (welcome back!), Di V and Mike J were fifth. Well done to one and all!

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Alfred, Jarvis, Mann, Mitchell at EPA Triples Championship

Tony Mann writes:

“This prestigious event attracts the best players and teams around the country all eager to win the top prize, which is the chance the represent their Association at the European Men’s Championships in 2015. [It] consists of two qualifying competitions to find the top eight teams who then compete on a further day to find the overall winner.

The format is the Swiss System where, after a random draw, winners play winners and the losers play losers over five rounds.

The first qualifier was held in June at the Rayne Swan in Essex. Our first round match could not have been any tougher playing against the current Men’s No.1 team of Dean Seville, Ross Jones, Sofiane Lachani and Sam Blakey. I was team captain and put in Gareth [el Jarvis], Stephan [di Alfredo] and Jeff [Mitchell, Crowborough] for the opening game. Our boys played exceptionally well in the longest match of the round losing 9-13 and giving the No. 1 team a real scare. Continue reading

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Is Petanque More Important than Life or Death? Yes!

Thanks to our extensive intelligence network, we can relay some amazing news from Le Mondial de Pétanque or La Marseillaise – by far the world’s biggest (annual) pétanque competition, with this year 4,112 teams and 12,336 players from 18 countries – currently taking place in … Marseille.

You can also read the story in French, with photos and an interview at:

Watch a semi-final taking place NOW at:

The final will be at 9pm local time TODAY.

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