Jarvis-Mann Win BHPC Open Doubles

20 teams turned out on a bit of a blustery, dry (except for one little shower) day for this year’s club Open Doubles. Of the five BHPC teams present (is this a record?) – Alan I/Rohan, David A/Ian, David M/Jill G, Gareth/Tony, Pat/Terry – only Gareth and Tony qualified for the Main 8 out of the five morning leagues.

The other four club teams qualified for the Plate 8. Having succumbed to David M and Jill in the quarter-final, David A and Ian went into the Plate Consolage which they won after winning two more games. Meanwhile, both Pat/Terry and Alan/Rohan won their quarter-finals. After beating David M and Jill in a very close semi-final, Pat and Terry lost to Alan and Rohan in the final. So club teams were Plate winners and runners-up, an excellent result.

The gallery watches the Main final (L) Gareth in heavy disguise) and Tony vs Rachide Hannache and Sandra Lauro

The gallery watches the Main final
(L) Gareth (in heavy disguise) and Tony                                    vs Rachide Hannache and Sandra Lauro

In the Main competition, Gareth and Tony played with consummate skill and concentration to win all three games to win the whole shebang. This is turning out a golden year for them after their previous successes we’ve reported on (plus Gareth coming second, with Alan Constable, in our Open last year). Congratulations!

Thanks to all the club members for their efforts in making a great success of the day: including Ann (raffle), Chris H (admin), Gareth (organising the event and admin), Nick and Tony (MC and admin).

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New Links on Petanque Training

We’ve just added two new links with many useful tips on pétanque skills training: one to the very attractive website of Florida PC Inc. (really!) and another to the blog, the Art of Pétanque.

Check under <Links> on the menu bar. 

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Jarvis-Mann-Mitchell Success at Home Nations Championship

Back from the Home Nations Championship held this weekend at Mansfield PC, Tony has just posted:

“Cut short after 8 of the scheduled 12 rounds due to flooded terrain. England won with 42 wins. Gareth, Jeff (Goldsmiths PC, Crowborough) and me won 5 of our 8 games. Played one game yesterday against a Welsh team that lasted nearly 2.5 hours.”

(L) Jeff Mitchell, Tony Mann, Gareth Jarvis

       (L) Jeff Mitchell, Tony Mann, Gareth Jarvis                           in their nice England strip

And this notable achievement is on top of the team being runners-up in a major open triples competition in Worthing last Sunday, a report of which will be appearing soon.

Well done, men!

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BHPC Wins Challenge vs Herts Select

We just nipped in before the arrival of ex-hurricane Bertha to again play our good friends from (an assortment of clubs in) Herts. There were two rounds of play, each side fielding eight teams. Four of our teams – Chris H/Pat, David A/Julie, Rohan/Lisa, Janice/Chris V – won both their games; and four – Terry/Di V, Larry/Nick/Pauline, Bill/JillG, Alan P/Lynn (new member)/ David M – won one game.

So, winning each round by six games to two, BHPC won 12-4 overall. The result was all the more impressive considering some of our best players were missing, including Gareth and Tony playing for England in the Home Nations Championship in Mansfield this weekend.

(L) David M, Lisa, Di V, Terry, Julie, Chris H, Janice, Nick, Bill, Rohan, Pat, Jill G (just), David A, Alan P, Chris V, Larry (Pauline AWOL)

(L) David M, Lisa, Di V, Terry, Julie, Chris H, Janice, Nick, Bill, Rohan, Pat, Jill G (peekaboo), David A, Alan P,          Chris V, Larry  (Pauline and Lynn AWOL)

And here are all but two of the Herts Select players:


(L) Caroline, Trevor, Bob, Paul, Dave, Steve, David, Alex, John C, Martin (Captain), John P, Ben, Richard, Jan         (Ian, Graham AWOL)

Herts Select captain, Martin Ware writes

“Thanks to you and all your people for making us so welcome again.  We all thought it was a great day and a very friendly and enjoyable occasion, spoiled only by the result!  Continue reading

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Club Wins Special Commonwealth Games Gold Medal

We’re delighted to inform you that BHPC has just been awarded a special Commonwealth Games gold medal for the one-off Flood Clean-up Voluntary Effort event.

A heartening number of club members responded to BHPC President Ann’s call to join in a Clean-up Task Force: Alan P, Chris V, David A, Janice, Jill G, Julie, Lisa, Mike J, Nick and her daughter, Sarah. They spent hours today busily washing, cleaning, throwing out and drying out (in fortuitously hot and sunny weather), as the pictures below testify. Who would have thought there was so much stuff!

(L) Ann, Jill G and Lisa

(L) Ann, Jill G and Lisa hard at work inside.


Jill G, Lisa and Ann from the other direction.

Jill G, Lisa and Ann from the other direction.

(L) Alan P, Chris and Mike J hard at work outside.

(L) Alan P, Chris and Mike J say “Hi”.

NB  Because of the flood-induced turmoil, it was decided to postpone the Club Doubles competition due to take place this Sunday.

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Our Clubhouse Attacked by Water: Latest Pictures

Sadly, our clubhouse was victim to the torrential rain which hammered the city early yesterday morning. Below are some dramatic pictures taken by our dedicated Water Watch team.

Our President, Ann, requests all club members to join in a special Clean-up Task Force for this Thursday at 11 am.

Think of all this stuff floating around!

After the flood.

Think of all the water up to this level!

Think of all the water up to this level!

The (very heavy) planks moved

The (very heavy) planks moved.

... and the fridge!

… and the fridge!

There was no water in these jars after our BBQ on Saturday.

There was no water in these jars after our BBQ on Saturday.

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BHPC Moving Melee Doubles and BBQ

Under a burning sun, 16 club members turned out today for the Moving Mêlée Doubles – now a half-day event – followed by a sumptuous barbecue. In a MM, players play with different partners in each round, keeping their own individual score. All is random.

After three rounds, the honours went to David Alfred (3 wins, +35), Chris Holden (3 wins, +15) and Chris Vincent (2 wins). Well done to them and to everyone who participated.

Special thanks again to Janice and Pat for creating a lovely barbecue, the second of the season.

Little Elvis, Nick and Chris’s grandson, was a delightful presence and a model of good behaviour all afternoon.

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