BHPC History Group Asks “Did Noah Play Petanque?”

After the torrential downpour on Sunday, one can quite understand the ancient rumours that Noah was the first person in recorded history to try his hand at pétanque and all the animals had three boules each for their doubles games.

Notwithstanding this peculiar historical byway, a record total of ten club members participated in the Adur Spring Triples Open: two ‘pure’ teams, Ann/Chris/Nick and Alan I/Joe/Terry, and two ‘mongrel’ teams, Gareth/Jeff (Crowborough)/Tony and David A/Herbie (Crowborough)/Ian.

The 20 teams present were split into 5 leagues, with the top 8 teams qualifying for the Main, the next best 8 for the Consolage, and the bottom 4 for the wooden spoon. The good news was that our two mongrel teams qualified for the Main, and our two pure teams qualified for the Consolage. The bad news is that all these teams lost their first game (quarter-final) and so their day ended, returning home in the – yes, you guessed it – bright warm sunshine.

Despite the prevailing wetness, everyone seemed to have quite a good time (such is the blind love that pétanque inspires).

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Une Annee en Petanque (A Year of Petanque)

Having left Brighton nearly a year ago for the lovely small Mediterranean port of La Ciotat, Ray Ager gives us an account of his year of pétanque.

“Upon arriving in La Ciotat, the birthplace of pétanque, it very quickly became apparent that I was at very best, an ‘average’ player here. There were two major factors:

  1. The terrains
  2. The standard of play

La Ciotat has two clubs, Jules le Noir, where the game started and Le Cercle des Boulomanes. There is a third area, Le Lido, not a club but a public area where groups of players meet every day to play. There is also a fourth terrain, Le Logis de Provence, where again players meet and there is a weekly mêlée. Continue reading

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Ray’s Visit and BHPC Presence at Petanque’s Birthplace

Ray’s flying visit to the terrain last Friday (Good) was marked by a mass turnout of club members and blessed by Mediterranean-type weather. The picture below was taken as the throng began to gather.


Ray says: “It was wonderful seeing everybody and playing again in Brighton – I’d love to be in both places at once!”

It was great to see you again too, Ray!

And here’s Milou, secretary of Boulomanes club, wearing our club cap following Ray’s return to La Ciotat after visiting the club.

Milou BHPC

Notice the beautiful plane trees, typical of the Midi, and the size of that terrain!

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Lads/Lasses Doubles Leagues: First Results

The club is introducing two new league competitions this year, Lads Doubles and Lasses Doubles. The take-up has been encouraging with 8 and 6 teams respectively (ie, 28 club members).

Each team is to play every other one: 3 points for a win, 1 for a loss. In case of equal win/loss points, total points difference (in all the games played) will decide ranking order.

The end date is May 17.

As usual, Ian’s updated tables will be posted under <Club Results>.

Good luck to all the participants.

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Ray Ager Back in Town – but not for long

We greatly look forward to seeing at the terrain on Friday from about 1pm founder BHPC member, Ray Ager who relocated last year to La Ciotat, the home of pétanque.

Imagine all the stories he can regale us with, plus useful tips on playing. In the meantime, here’s a blast from the past:

Lelard 2000See you Friday, Ray!

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BHPC Success in First SXP Qualifier

Regions are again beginning to choose their eight- and four-team (adult, triples) squads for the Inter-Regional Championship and Challenge Cup to be held in September. Sussex Pétanque (SXP) held their first of three qualifying days yesterday at Crowborough Social Club.

BHPC members constituted three of the fifteen (adult) teams present: Crowbright – Alan Constable (Crow. SC), Ian Maynard, Tony Mann; Alvis – David Alfred, Stephan Alfred, Gareth Jarvis; JCan – Janice Doherty, Chris Holden, Alan Issler, Nick Rowlands. It was good to see Chris and Nick, both new to competitive play outside of the club.

After a hard day’s play in warm, sunny weather, JCan achieved 10th place, thus having a good chance of making the Challenge squad, at least. Crowbright and Alvis, last year’s first and second seeded teams respectively, won all their games until they met each other in the final. Having never confronted each other in any of the qualifying rounds over the last two years, Crowbright outplayed Alvis on the day and deservedly won the game 13-5. Possible future encounters are awaited with interest …

Well done to all our players, and good luck to them for  the second qualifying day which will take place at our terrain on Sunday 18 May.

More details in the next Newsletter. 

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VA: The PPF Final – Another Petanque Master Class

In the final of this new top-class French competition – PPF (Passion Pétanque Française) – we meet the legendary Christian Fazzano (middle), Romain Fournié (pointer) and Christophe Sarrio (shooter).

Watch out for a terrible contre* towards the end of this excellent game. Also some fine carreaux on a very hard terrain.

Vidéo de la Finale PPF Galleau – Weibel – Rizziy VS Fazzino – Sarrio – Fournié

* Please see Basic Pétanque Glossary under <Pétanque> in the Menu bar.

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